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I haven't shared a shopping update in a while I realised so here goes, these are some of my latest buys:

Bonds had 40% off their online store so of course I  bought up big with Wondersuits, Wonderbundles (how adorable are these too by the way?), singlets and underwear for me. There is a bit a lot of pink in there I know (I just realised quite how much when I unpacked the order) and no, we haven't found out the sex of B2, I just love the prints and figure if we have another boy then these will be great gifts for future nieces or easily returned for boy suitable prints and given my paranoia of never being able to source favourite items again, I just couldn't not buy.

Christmas decorations... I just can't resist buying decorations but I do have strict guidelines around colour (we only use red, green, gold & silver on the tree). I love the little angels from Target and I'm a big fan of the Myer trim shop where I bought the gold leaves and ??? I'm still searching for the perfect wreath though... years of searching in fact has yielded me with nothing I love.

I love Kmart for cheap and cheerful homewares (not as much as my sister but that's another story) and these glass stacking jars are only $15! Yes, $15! Ideal for the bench top or for entertaining, you can use each piece individually or stacked as part of a lolly/dessert buffet, to hold coffee pods as ours is right now or even in the bathroom to hold toiletries, hair bands etc. I sent S out to search for them initially and he tells me he was stopped several times on the way back to the car to ask where he had bought it from so this of course meant I had to race back to the shop to grab another for fear of them selling out and discontinuing them.

Its the time of 40% off sales clearly and Jeans West jumped on the bandwagon. I heard great things about their range of maternity jeans during my last pregnancy but as I have never liked pants or jeans much I didn't other with any maternity jeans last time and didn't miss them. Fast forward a
nd since having E, I now love pants and jeans with a scary number of pairs accumulated in only 16 months. As B2 is due mid May, I expect a pair of maternity jeans will come in handy now given my newfound love for pants so I bought a pair of the Jeans West jeggings in indigo. I've worn them twice already and while I like the fabric, colour etc, I feel they are just a little too thick and honestly, I HATE the over the belly band ... this may change come Winter though so we shall see. JW have also launched a new Juniors range and there are some gorgeous pieces for boys and girls. I have been looking for some denim shorts for E for ages but hadn't found any that were soft and thin enough for our warmer climate so I was pretty pleased when both pairs on offer met my requirements. I also couldn't resist the gorgeous striped tee. The quality seems good in the boys range and the prices aren't too bad, around $25 for a pair of denim shorts.

I have also gone a bit crazy over Christmas pjs for Ethan and bought a near matching pair for E and my niece Lillee at Target (on sale for $10 a pair and great quality) plus the cute little elf ones from Kmart for only $10 along with a Santa sippy cup for Christmas day. I'm still on the hunt however for the perfect Christmas Day outfit and can't find anything that I love that isn't going to cause E to swelter uncomfortably.

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