Stay at Home Mumma Wardrobe - Autumn to Winter


Jumping ahead of myself a little given its still Summer here but given I'm facing a year off work on maternity leave, I've shelved most of my corporate wear - let's face it, Cue pencil dresses aren't bump friendly - and am starting to plan my wardrobe as a stay at home mum in just 9 weeks time ... before b2 arrives otherwise I will end up in trackies day in day out because lets be honest, shopping with two under two is not going to feature heavily in my leave.

My leave will start in autumn when the weather is beautifully cool and all going to plan, B2 will be here come the start winter so with that in mind, I've started buying some pieces that I can wear now or in the coming months and that will be nursing friendly too.

So far Country Road hasn't disappointed and I bought the textured leggings and two tops below along with the boots from The Iconic to pair with my last winter's CR puffer vest and red scarf.

Acknowledging heels don't get much use with a toddler and I'm sure with two littlies, I also picked up the MJ mousies in blue studs and stripes for less than a third of their retail price from Myer to go with last season's tortoiseshell which were a staple the past Winter. My two other must haves were a chunky cardigan sourced from Victoria's Secret in charcoal to throw on at home or even out in a casual setting and last Winter's Zara shearling vest passed on to me by a girlfriend who is moving to Western Queensland and dumping her Winter wardrobe.

I also plan on using the staples below that are already in my wardrobe having found these pieces practical with E including my draped CR print pants and leggings, button down cotton and silk shirts, coloured scarves and J Brand jeans and Houlihans. Some can be paired with the new pieces too and they will work well for most occasions over the cooler months with nursing, chasing a toddler while still helping me look and feel good.

Realistically though, I am well aware that some days I won't make it out of pajamas and on others, gym pants may be as far as 'getting dressed' stretches and that's okay too... I have a good supply of those clothes on hand too.

What are/were your 'stay at home mum' wardrobe staples?

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  1. Congrats on baby 2 and on being able to stay at home with them for a year!!! Live your wardrobe looks too, excited to follow along!!!! :)

    1. Thank you Ashley and yes, we are mostly lucky to have the option here in Australia (although not all workplaces are so accommodating).
      I hope I actually pull them off - I may just end up in pjs day in day out :)

  2. I need to get more organised! eek!!!

    1. I'm sure you're all over it Sam - plus you just bought a newborn home ;) x


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