Pregnancy update: 28 weeks


How far along? 28 weeks ... the 3rd trimester is almost here!.

Maternity clothes? Still just wearing parts of my regular wardrobe on high rotation. I'm not anti-maternity wear by any stretch but I just haven't had the occasion to require specific maternity wear with my parts of existing wardrobe covering the need quite adequately if boringly. I'd rather save the money to splurge on new clothes once baby is born.

Stretchmarks? none still but running out of my Mothercare cream so hoping my friend in Singapore can come through for me and send some over.

Symptoms: Still being driven mad by that twitchy eyelid and just all round exhaustion lately too. I've also had a few mornings of nausea but none today thankfully.

Sleep: next to non existent the last few nights with this awful cold/flu taking hold - the vaporiser is working overtime in our house.

Miss Anything? Oh how I'd love to pop a cold and flu tablet or ten and see the back of this sore throat, cough and stuffy head!

Movement: constant and getting stronger with B2 still a fan of hanging from my ribs. I'm sure B2 also was laying transverse for a day this week and the pain almost killed me ... E did the same around this period and it was excruciating. 

Best moment this week: spending the weekend with my happy little guy and enjoying TWO tantrum free days ... the disposition in Toddler Town is on the up.  

Worst moment this week: waking up this morning to worse symptoms than I've had all week and a painfully sore throat.

Food cravings: the usual culprits like iced coffee milk extra cold, Whitmans coconut chocolate, chocolate yogos and mint choc biscuits are all still in favour here along with microwave popcorn and Cheddar shapes.

Anything making you queasy or sick: no, I seem to be passed any food aversions.

Belly Button in or out? I'm considering taping it down - does it work? I'm vain and hating the visibility through my clothes.

Happy or Moody most of the time: excited and full of anticipation for the exciting changes ahead.

Looking forward to: my Ob appointment later this week - should be lots of updates from this one meeting - and taking delivery of a very exciting new piece of kitchen equipment that is guaranteed to save me time and money plus the ability to prepare food for my little family that is additive free and as fresh as possible.

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  1. Look at you! 28 weeks. That has gone fast for me (don't know about you, haha!)

    2 tantrum free days: woo-hoo!


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