Monthly update: 20 months


20 Months ... yes, you read that right ... my baby is 4 months off turning 2 and only around 2 months off becoming a big brother. Time waits for no one but sometimes I wish it would slow the heck down so I can take in more, store up more beautiful moments with my boy and just have him at this adorable clever loving age for a longer time.

We had a run with croup again this month so we know his weight is sitting at 12.3kg (medicine is administered on weight). 

Definitely in size 2 tops now but my shortie is going just fine in size 1 bottoms. The one thing he does have is huge feet! He's in a size 5 and wearing sandals I bought for next Summer already - he has a wide foot too so we are favouring brands like Clark's that cater for width.

Favorite Foods: 
We had a lot of food refusal this past month with him being sick and teething so rather than turn mealtime into a battleground, we go with the flow and offer the usual, top up with fruit/yoghurt etc and wait for it to pass. Beef stroganoff in the slow cooker was a surprising hit however and he is wolfing down mango as fast as we serve it. A popular brekky we trialed this month too was 'toad in the hole' so its been an easy protein go to on days we struggle.

Favorite Words: 
Turning into a teenager already, when we ask a question, he has started answering with 'ummmmm...' - its too funny - and just the other day to my shock, I asked him to bring me something and he turned, looked straight at me, held his hand up and said 'just a minute'. I had nothing, I was dumbfounded by the sentence, correct use and that I was being bossed around by a baby!
E is also loving to name everything or wants to know the name of everything so he points and states or points and waits for us to state then says it over and over ... and he never seems to forget once he has been told what something is.
The big one last week though was when he pointed at our city skyline view and quite clearly said 'Gold Coast' ... we've never taught him so I'm blown away as to how he picked that one up.

Favorite Activities: 
Swimming and swimming lessons are absolutely loved still with him grabbing his gear and waving me 'bye byes' while trying to get out the door as quick as he can every week (Scott takes him to lessons).

Least Favorite Activities: 
Having always been a dream at taking medicine of any kind (possibly related to having losec every day from early on), we were shocked when that changed this month and we were having to pin him down to get even panadol into him. It seems to have passed thankfully but its awful having to hold your baby down while forcing him to take something he doesn't want.

His Favorite Things: 
He's also fallen in love with 'toot toots' this month and every morning he starts the day playing with his mini Thomas train set - lucky my mum has been well prepared for this eventuality and he will be getting a full set with tracks and cars for his birthday in June.
In the Night Garden is also still a hit with 'Piggle' and 'Pakka' the favourites  and it is part of our night time routine to wind down after bath and story.
The Toy Story bug has also started here and he enjoys watching movie snippets on his car dvd player and wanders around the house calling for Buzz and Woody despite only having a Woody doll - looks like the Buzz doll when B2 arrives will be a sure hit and in the meantime, Woody gets pride of place with E taking him to bed or even sitting at the table for dinner.

My Favorite Things: 
Our Tomy lullaby star was barely used when he was small as it just distressed rather than soothed him at bedtime but now its part of even our nap routine and settles him well. He likes laying and looking at the characters and waving 'nigh nighs' to them.
We have been tackling craft activities at home a little more often after hearing how much he enjoyed collage at daycare so I am also loving the easel he was given for Christmas along with these Kmart water paint books that eliminate mess and are great for indoor rainy day entertainment (I had them as a child!) - all you need is a wet paint brush and you're good to go.

Signature Moves: 
The latest is blowing two handed 'mwah' kisses to the masses like a superstar. I caught him doing it in his carseat sitting in traffic and its become part of his repertoire since. Hilarious and adorable.

Mum's Proudest Moment:  
We have just upgraded E's carseat to a 6 month to 8 year old Babylove Ezy Combo seat as it would have been a necessity once B2 outgrew the capsule at 6 months and they were on sale this month. We selected the Babylove model as some knowledgeable girlfriends' gave me great reviews including it is one of two with the highest CREP safety ratings of its kind. Anyway, I digress... my finest moment this month happened last Sunday when E and I ducked into the local mini-supermarket for lunch supplies. Driving out of the carpark and I hear E exclaim 'uh ohhhh mummy' and I turn to see him holding one loose strap trying to buckle it in ... bad mumma hadn't snapped the buckle in properly. I am always so careful about checking the belt so not sure how I missed it but thankfully E alerted me while we were still relatively stationery and not on the road.

Other Milestones: 
After a long month of tantrums, we possibly seem to be coming out the other side and with it is a whole lot of new skills and knowledge. E has always been a great little communicator but now he is using sentences, counting, linking words - yesterday he pointed at the clouds and told me 'storm, rain, wind' - and generally just knowing so much more. 
He is also becoming very independent in wanting to open and close doors, help dress himself and have a say in what he is wearing etc.
The best part is him using his name and he does so often, talking about himself as 'Einy' in the third person when its his turn, he wants a turn or he is answering a question... its ridiculously cute.

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  1. Lol my son is 11.8kg and over 80cm tall at only 10 months old (obviously big for his age!) they could possibly pass as twins lol.

    1. Sure sounds that way ... our E is a bit of a 'titch' as S says :)


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