Nursery ideas for B2 - boy


If B2 turns out to be another boy, it will make decorating pretty straight forward in that I will just use all of Ethan's original nursery fabrics and furniture. Boring yes but practical given he never slept in his room or cot so both the bedding and cot are as new and it seems silly in that case to go all out with another set.

We went with the Living Textiles Playdate decorator's range when choosing something for E as its fun, bright and colourful plus we couldn't agree on any other set - the one I wanted was too 'blue' according to S while his was too neutral in my opinion given we knew we were having a boy.

I have to say I'm feeling a little sorry for B2 already if he is another boy as he will basically get all of E's hand-me-downs or items E never used rather than all the brand new gear E had. On the other side, it would be nice to get a bit more value from some of those barely used items - $50 Nike shoes for a 3 month anyone?

Below is the Living Textiles set and nursery furniture we bought for E from the Tasman Eco range. I have to say I am really pleased with the nursery furniture now 3 years on as it is simple in design but sturdy, hasn't dated in anyway and still looks like new - could be because the bassinet and cot have barely been used though. The soft fabrics have also held up well with little to no fade however like the cot, they've only been washed a few times and not really used.

The chair is from Mocka and is something I'd like to add to the room to tone with the soft furnishings  if B2 is a boy and get rid of the heavy two piece leather glider we have in the nursery. We rarely use the glider but I will wait and see before making any definitive decisions on getting rid of it.

B2 boy bedroom

Did you go all out for the first nursery and not the second or vice versa?

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  1. I have never done a nursery :-/ at least I deprived them all equally - ha!

    Love the elephants, soo cute.

    1. Ha ha no playing favourites ;) x


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