I confess...


An update in my series to prove bloggers, instagrammers, facebook users, tweeters ... have less than perfect lives despite accusations of only sharing the perfect moments of their lives. Here goes with my ongoing confessions to a not so perfect life:

I take a longer shower than necessary some mornings just to stretch out the blissful 5 minutes when I don't have to think, when no one is talking to me, needing something from me.

I hate bananas ... and that goes for anything remotely banana flavoured, scented or even if its smuggled into the ingredients of a tropical juice ... but I acknowledge they are good for you and because E takes his cues from me and my reactions, I have had to choke down banana, hold it in my cheek and spit it out when E is not looking (shudder).

We don't eat potatoes in our house ... in fact we don't even keep potatoes in our house. Its not a health or diet thing, we both love potato in every which way they come but I just have a huge aversion (that has always been) about prepping potato. They just seem like so much work with the washing, peeling, cutting, steaming/boiling then there is the mashing/roasting etc. Too much work, too time consuming, I'm happy to just do without.

On the subject of vegetables and preparation, my sister tells me I also need to admit that I don't peel my carrots for cooking. I wash them but no peeling. I hadn't realised this was a sin and always thought the goodness was in the skin of vegetables? As I told her, if carrots now require peeling, I'll scratch them off my future grocery lists too.

I'm hopeless at looking after my nails. I have long natural nails but I never bother with shaping, filing or even polish. I trim them regularly and sometimes when I remember, I use Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle cream on them (at the traffic lights while driving to work).

I can't do my hair. As in I can't plait or do a proper blow dry or even style ... I don't even have a proper blow dryer, just a travel one that came with my GHD - that I rarely use. Lucky for me I was blessed with what friends call 'Hollywood' hair. I literally wash it twice a week, occasionally run the straightener through it (twice a month) and brush it when I remember but it stays shiny, dries straight/smooth and requires little else from me thank goodness.

I had every intention of baking something Valentines themed for E to take to kindy on the big day ... but he decided to take over an hour to get down the night before and by the time I was showered and had dinner, sleep was all I had the energy for.

Some days I can't wait to get out the door and go to work ... today was one of those days. I adore E and I love being his mumma but some mornings in Toddler Town just really suck it out of you and this morning we had breakfast refusal, at least 4 full blown tantrums and just lots of clingy whiny behaviour all before 8am so I was pretty happy to give my gorgeous little guy hugs and kisses and bolt out the front door when my mother in law arrived. Best part? E will have a wonderful day with his grandparents and I will return with lots of cuddles and more patience for him.

And just for fun... I can't whistle! I can make a whistling like sound by sucking air in but have never mastered actual whistling where you blow the air out and make a proper sound.

But you know what? 
I'm a really great mumma to E and a really great wife to S.
I'm not perfect but they don't need perfect, 
they just need me, imperfections and all.

What are your confessions to a less than perfect life ...

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  1. Yep same with bananas (not into them atm) and my nails (do not have the skills!)

  2. You do have Hollywood Hair! And I never peel carrots or potatoes, pfft life's too short to peel veggies!

    1. Ha ha you are way too kind A!
      I will tell my sister my veg preparations are backed by a notable dietician ;)

  3. I know you're a great mumma regardless of all this petty things that you avoid...I would think E is very lucky you'd choke on bananas just to make sure he is none the wiser. That's love!

  4. Totes don't need to peel potatoes just buy washed chats, chop and boil and smother with butter and mint mmmm

    1. This is the only way we eat the occasional potato at home ;) x


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