A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ... Really?


As you know, B2's sex is a surprise - my restraint and resolve in this regard is nothing short of unbelievable as no one thought I would last and honestly, nor did I.

This means we need to come up with a short list for girl and boy baby names... Oh what fun! For those that gave done the baby name discussion with hubby/partner, you will know it often ends in argument or simply at an impasse. Often the arguments are caused in our house because S won't take it seriously, throwing out ridiculous options or just not even talking. Other times we can sit and talk about baby names endlessly with me rattling off lists and S just 'yes' or 'no' ing, sometimes throwing in an anecdote for the no.

Finally at 26 weeks in, we have made some headway and our boys name is picked, agreed on fully and sealed with a middle name of Mark after my dad as Es middle name is after Scott's dad.

Strangely our girls names however are proving far more difficult and while we agree on most we don't like, we are finding common ground a little harder. You would think it would be easy and we could just use our shortlist from last time before we found out E was a boy but to be honest, I had a shortlist but it was never really discussed or reviewed with S as he was sure it was a boy all along and yep, he was right.

Middle name is easy, depending on the first name, it will be Ann - from my maternal side as it is mine, my mum, my grandmother etc middle name - or Joy as a tribute to my paternal grandmother's name.

So in the pink corner after much deliberation and hours of discussion, we have:

  • Harper - we both like it and although ridiculously popular in the US, it doesn't seem quite as crazy common here. To be honest, I loved this name ten years ago, long before I knew S even or the Beckhams went and gave it worldwide desirability. 
  • Harlow - Scott is not sure on this one but I think it's so pretty and a little different. Thankfully I think long enough has passed since the birth of the Richie /Madden namesake that it's lost its celebrity cache too.
  • Giselle - this is one I've snuck in to be honest as S just doesn't love it - age old story, he went to school with a Giselle - but hey, Ethan wasn't his top pick either and look how that turned out.
  • Jacinta - we both love this and it was our original agreed number 1 pick but I just have a feeling it might get skipped come crunch time.

Chelsea was also right near the top of my list but it's one I've had to compromise on and let go of given Scott is English and has a family history of supporting Man U. I accept it wouldn't be fair to name his only daughter after his nemesis team. 

I also like the names Leighton and Quinn but Scott has a thing against surnames as first names and another of my favourites, Matisse, I just dont think will get up the list at the end of the day.

When considering a name, I put a big emphasis on its suitability for a child - what kind of nicknames etc can be derived - and for an adult - does it sound professional in a serious environment if said child was a doctor, lawyer, high court judge or politician? 

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  1. I'm 34 weeks and our baby name was really easy to pick as it's a tribute to both grandfathers. We also have similar taste so that helps too haha. I really like Harper, Harlow and Giselle, beautiful names! I quite like Quinn too :)

    1. Hooray for easy choices and good luck with the remaining weeks Heids!
      Thank you ... how to narrow them now though??? :)

  2. Jacinta is not a name I would ever have considered but seeing it here in writing I like it!
    As for Harlow and Harper I like them too!
    All names go nicely with Ann! My middle name is Anne!

    1. I know, Jacinta had never been on any past lists for me either :)
      Ha - Ann is clearly another first born thing we share ... I swear the L's are the Victorian version of the F's (and vice versa)!

  3. I love the name game! I found nameberry and nymbler good for ideas, my favourite from your list is Harper. Im a bit devo'd we wont have any more kids so i can use my last good kids name, so thats going to the new dog. Good luck!


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