Bento Box lovin' part 2


I posted early last month about my quest to create Bento Box style lunches for E on his kindy days here:

Well, a few Fridays in - E goes to daycare once a week - and I give you my first masterpieces (generous description for sure):

I'm having so much fun planning and designing Ethan's lunchbox, making sure its balanced, colourful and of course, FUN! It lifts making lunch to being a joy not a chore, takes all of 10 minutes in the morning and I love the thought that I am helping to shape E's love of healthy food.

Most importantly, I'm pretty sure he is enjoying the lunches I pack as they are almost always eaten in full and the other day when he pulled his lunchbox out of his drawer, he walked around holding it saying 'yum yums' and pretending to eat from it. That's a pretty positive endorsement in my book!

Seeing as how I was inspired by Mrs Bouw on Instagram, I have been posting these photos to my Instagram and facebook walls and a few friends have told me it has inspired them to start doing the same for their children. 

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