Pregnancy update: 8 weeks


How far along? 8 weeks 

Total weight gain/loss: see previous posts - no weighing.

Maternity clothes? Still in my usual wardrobe although jeans are a little snug. 

Stretch marks? Sorbolene cream morning and night all over until my mother in law brings back my magic Mothercare cream from Singapore.

Symptoms: still feeling queasy and sensitive to smells around the clock - I almost vomited in Baskin Robbins this week go figure?

Sleep: Looks like I'm going to have to adjust to side sleeping again as tummy sleeping is all but done comfort wise. I'm also constantly exhausted this week and hitting the wall hard mid afternoon. My mother in law took pity on us this week and had E for a sleepover which helped.

Best moment this week: Celebrating my birthday with my boys and knowing that there will be an extra little person at next year's celebration. 

Have you told family and friends: I imagine S will want to tell a few people after our scan tomorrow if all is well but I think I will hold off a little longer.

Miss Anything? A glass or 2 of wine immensely or even a cold beer. The days are lighter and warmer later and I'm so jealous of S' afternoon tipple.

Movement: Nothing yet.

Food cravings: Fresh - fruit and vegetables especially or gelati type ice creams like Baskin Robbins sunset 
sherbet. Frozen fruit - Coles pineapple on sticks, Sara Lee tropical fruit salad, frozen berries ... I'm not fussy. Bounty ice cream bars are also a recent discovery and addiction - must stockpile in case they are discontinued again.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Most things are making me sick right now apart from the cravings.

Have you started to show yet: I don't think so but there is some thickening around my mid section.

Baby is a: A surprise! I think its a girl but that could be my 'want' talking. Truly, I'd be so very happy with another little guy too though. 

Belly Button in or out? An innie.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but definitely more emotional.

Looking forward to: Our first scan tomorrow ... I literally can't wait but its also tinged with nervousness as you just never know what you are going to hear.

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