Daycare drop offs


Our daycare drop offs are hideous heart wrenching events that I have come to dread each week.

E goes to kindy on Fridays and no matter how well he slept, how happy his morning was or who drops him off, he shrieks like a banshee complete with tears when its drop off time. He used to be happy enough on arrival, only getting upset when I actually left - and I always say goodbye with hugs and kisses as I've never been comfortable with sneaking out while he's not looking.

Progressively the tears have been starting earlier and earlier with walking in the door, getting out of the car then it became turning into the carpark (he's a clever cookie) and just last week, it was at the roundabout 300m down from the centre!

Now I should explain, he actually has a great day at kindy once he settles down. The teachers in his room are so wonderful and he loves the socialising, playing outside, singing, baking and snack times, and he even sleeps for 90 minutes but those drop offs just seem to get worse and worse.

Its such an awful start to my day, driving away with his tear stained face in my mind and his screaming in my ears. I usually have to give my sister or mum a call to confirm its okay and it leaves me feeling sad until I or my mum pick him up, he's all smiles and we hear that he had a wonderful day.

I hear its just a phase and they get past it plus I know going only one day a week probably makes his adjustment a little harder - hopefully we can get an extra day next year. Does your little one do this for drop off? When did it start and when did it finish? Any tips for coping and preparing?

We start the morning talking about daycare, his teachers and the children in his class, I pack a fun and yummy lunch for him that I know he enjoys because he gets excited to see his lunchbox ... anything else I can do?

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  1. It will get better. I PROMISE. It could still be a few months away, but it will. Abi does fake crying now as we turn into the street where our daycare is, but happily goes off and plays before I even get a chance to say goodbye these days! He will get there. I know it.


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