Monthly update: 16 months


Age: 16 Months

Stats: no weighing or measuring this month so nothing to share.

Clothes: definitely a size 1 in tees now but my little poppet is still too narrow in the waist and short in length for size 1/12-18m bottoms. He is still wearing some 00 Quicksilver boardshorts comfortably.

Favorite Foods: We are all about the squeezy fruit pouches here much to my disgust or as E calls them, 'yum yums'. Yoghurt or fruits, he isn't fussy so I keep a few in the fridge as a treat when he has eaten all his dinner. Nothing tops blueberries or kiwi fruit though and he literally inhales them.

Favorite Words: Mummy ... he will often say it in an enquiring tone or chasing after me around the yard. He also likes to just call it out in the middle of play and throw himself at me. We are also all about 'turtle' 'tiger' and the big one 'makka pakka' from In the Night Garden.

Favorite Activities: Ethan is Loving swimming on the hot Spring days we are getting so we are making the most of my parents' pool on the weekend and our passes to Wet'n Wild.  He is also loving watching for planes and helicopters, as soon as he hears one overhead he starts shouting and wanting to go outside/on the balcony to see. Rhyme Time with Grammy at the library is still a big hit and he has the best time socialising, singing and dancing with other children.

Least Favorite Activities: We are back to despising nappy changes in the biggest way with all out screaming, tears, tossing and the like. Thank goodness for Huggies nappypants at the moment because trying to have him lay down is akin to pining down an octopus while its screaming at the top of its lungs at you. Bathtime is inciting similar reactions to nappy changes at the moment much to our surprise with screaming and tears until he is out then all smiles instantaneously. 

His Favorite Things: his Little Tikes water table provides ages of entertainment although daddy made the mistake of sitting him on it last week so he now likes to climb up on it and sit in it himself. Shoes are a big deal too and he is insisting on putting them on just to stroll around the house. In the Night Garden DVDs and particularly Makka Pakka - does anyone know what it is with this show and kids? Honestly, every child I know is obsessed and mesmerised and E is no exception. 'Makka pakka' is all we hear after bathtime.

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My Favorite Things: Huggies nappypants - see least favourite activity. The Nike shoes pictured - they are enclosed, have a velcro fastening and of light comfortable material so what is not to love? E has worn these every day since we have bought them. The good old Tupperware tumblers - I had these as a child and we use them now for E to have his milk after bathtime before bed.

Signature Moves: Trying to dip the bubble wand in solution and blow bubbles ... he hasn't quite mastered the blowing to produce bubbles. Pursing his lips in an 'ooooh' face when something surprises him. Telling off the neighbour's dog for barking with lots of 'uh uh'ing' and finger tutting.

Dad's Proudest Moment: Waking me up at 2am on Sunday night in a panic asking where Ethan is... he was sleeping over at his grandparents because we had date night duhhhh.

Other Milestones:  Feeding himself, insisting on loading the spoon or fork and feeding himself at all times now. In huge news though, Ethan slept through the night this month for the very first time. Yes, we were a little bit excited about this. A true 6:30pm to 5:30am sleep with no getting up to resettle etc. It only took almost 16 months but we got there! Some nights we still have him up once but he goes back down after a quick resettle unlike just a few months ago when it was every 45-90 min wake ups with hysterics. See my night weaning post for more.

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