Pregnancy update: 6 weeks


How far along? 6 weeks - I'm now 11 weeks but this was written back before I could share the big news :)

Total weight gain/loss: I don't have scales, I didn't weigh myself with Ethan and I'm not planning to use them this time around either. My Ob last time around told me as long as the scans showed a healthy baby developing at normal rate, there is absolutely no need to weigh the mother.

Maternity clothes? Still wearing all my usual wardrobe but I've noticed my skinny jeans feel a little snugger. 

Stretch marks? I avoided them with E altogether using Mothercream cream and thanks to my mum's good genes. This time I'm relying on those good genes again and Redwins sorbolene morning and night at the moment. However research tells me there is a Mothercare in Singapore so MiL is tasked with bringing me back a big supply when she heads there next month - otherwise UK shipping is 27.95 pounds!

Symptoms: morning sickness ugh and some light cramping. The cramping I had with E and the doctor tells me its just the implanting in the uterus that causes this. The morning sickness I didn't have last time so was floored when I first felt nauseous right on 6 weeks. It comes on like clockwork around 9am and lingers till 1/2pm. No vomiting so far but I've felt close a few times. I hope this passes soon as I was spoilt last time with no symptoms. 

Sleep: Sleep is the same as last week ... not great but that's due to Ethan's patterns not this bubba. We are trying to night wean at the moment so that's not helping things.

Best moment this week: Hearing my bloods were perfect and sharing the news with family. 

Have you told family and friends: Yes, we told family during the week and all were understandably surprised but very excited and happy. My mother in law is buzzing at shopping for 3 bubs in Singapore next month, especially a newborn.

Miss Anything? My evening glass of wine and celebrating with my inlaws at our pizza cookout - we planned for a long time to celebrate my, sil and nieces birthdays with drinks and homemade pizzas in FiL's woodfire oven. Guess who got stuck making pizzas while everyone else downed wine and craft beers :(

Movement: Just the cramping mentioned above.

Food cravings: Another Mexican craving that I satisfied with homemade Quesadillas using Brooke from Fiesta chicken recipe. It was delicious and I will definitely be using this recipe again.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Keeping my fingers crossed didn't work. Just being alive is making me feel queasy and sick come 9am every morning.

Have you started to show yet: I don't think so but I feel a little thicker around the middle.

Baby is a: A surprise! I really don't want to find out the sex this time around.

Belly Button in or out? An innie.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Queasy/seasick, tired but very very happy.

Looking forward to: 8 weeks as we have a scan booked to confirm dates etc and are taking E along with us.

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