Baby monitors - video or no


When preparing for E's arrival, we bought an Avent DECT monitor and figured we'd bypass the need for video given we had the Oricom Babysense breathing mats for peace of mind. Fast forward to E's arrival and a few months later, us seeing the value in a video monitor to save us constantly checking up on him while napping. We bought the Oricom Secure700 digital video monitor when he was about 4 months old I think and haven't ever regretted it since. Its been on holidays with us and I can't tell you what a Godsend it is in a two storey house.

We have decided we definitely want a video monitor for B2 but we aren't ready to not have one for E yet - hopefully he will be transitioned to his own room by the time baby arrives and given its location from our bedroom, I would feel a whole lot more secure knowing I can check on him anytime.

I don't really want to have two parent handsets to lug around if by some wild crazy chance of fate, I have two children napping at once (hey, I can dream right?) so I considered an app based monitor that allows me to view baby on my iphone and this seemed like the way we would go ... indeed I had placed an iBaby monitor on hold in preparation.

Last weekend, E and I popped in to see S at work as it started to rain at the park but I wasn't ready to take him home just yet ... also nothing makes E happier than visiting daddy at work and running amok in store. Browsing while S showed E off to some of his colleagues, I came across the Uniden BW3102 monitor -

After reading the features, I was 100% sold on it ... and then even more so when I showed S and he checked the price he could get it for with staff discount.

Ideal for us, the set comes with two cameras that can be viewed on the one handset as split screen and has the capacity to add two more cameras and view via quad screen - perfect so I can watch over my babies as the need takes me and to make sure E doesn't get up to any mischief in his room once transitioned to a big boy bed.

The key features from Uniden are:

Monitor the safety of your children from anywhere in the world securely through the Skype App (iPhone®, Android™, Windows®)Secure digital crystal clear wireless solution
Temperature Display with Temperature Range Alert
Selection of Lullabies to play to your baby
"Walkie Talkie" Function which give you the ability to talk back to your baby to calm and assure the baby
Ability to Record up to 32GB on an optional Micro SD Card*
Expandable up to 4 cameras
Zoom and pan capabilities
Quad, Auto Scan or individual views
VOX (Voice activated) record and alarm feature
AV Out Function to Display on a larger LCD, LED or Plasma Screen
Night Vision & Night Light

I figure the extra camera will never really go to waste as it can always be placed in the playroom etc when I'm confident E has outgrown it and I will sell our Oricom to fund some of the purchase.

Did you use a video monitor? Were you like me and thought it was unnecessary to start with but now couldn't live without it?

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