Pregnancy update: 32 weeks


How far along? 32 weeks ... Boy, girl? Arghhhh its killing me! I'm feeling so disorganised as I have 2 enormous boxes of newborn clothes - one pink, one blue - and I don't know which to unpack so they are just sitting in the nursery awaiting D-Day.

Maternity clothes? Nope still just the usual pieces on high rotation. Pic below features seamless black singlet/vest from Kmart ($10 for 2) and jersey fabric skirt from Country Road.

Stretchmarks? Still none... Keeping fingers crossed and moisturising constantly.

Symptoms: the usual stuff you would expect this late in the game with lots of Braxton Hicks. I can't complain too much though, I don't have anything like the swelling that started around this time with E and am feeling pretty great all things considered. 

Sleep: still not enough ... I'm needing at least 8 hours but think 10 would be even better - someone needs to tell E that morning is not 5:30am because he's not listening to us. Lately I'm so tired my teeny tiny bladder isn't even waking me for overnight bathroom trips.

Miss Anything? By this point I'm pretty used to not having the contraband items like feta, wine, soft serve ... you know, all the fun stuff.

Movement: constant and loving it. I'm trying to make sure I really take note and enjoy it given this will likely be my final pregnancy. 

Best moment this week: our checkup scan and the positive results were definitely the best moment but I'd have to say that pulling off a huge work event was pretty rewarding too and allows me to finish up before I start maternity leave on an enormous professional high.

Worst moment this week: the sore tired feet and lower back pain from a long day at the aforementioned work event.

Food cravings: fresh food of all kinds like TMX broccoli salad, melon, salad sandwiches and lemon cordial.

Belly Button in or out? Hating it as an outie ... And it's not a cute one!

Happy or Moody most of the time: lots of tears this week but not necessarily unhappy or moody, I've just have had a lot on so more a result of being overwhelmed.

Looking forward to: my OB appointment this week to finalise delivery options.

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  1. So pleased that your results were positive xxx you are looking gorgeous.


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