Hospital bags (yes, bagsss)


So first time round, I had 3 bags for hospital and before you scoff, 3 bags makes perfect sense if you think about it ... my bag, a baby bag and a labour bag. In my mind there is no point lugging all your stay gear to the birthing suite and then have poor husband rummaging through everything trying to find a single item. I plan on packing 3 bags again but limiting the included items more so than round 1 where I packed everything from Arnica tablets (supposed to help with bruising but I wouldn't know as I forgot to take them) to tennis balls (don't laugh, they were to massage my lower back ... that was flat on the bed for most of my labour).

This time you will find the following in my labour bag ... most of which may not be necessary if we have a scheduled c-section (see earlier birth options post):

  • Birthing dress - its a Lovable maternity wrap dress I wore last time also
  • Lollies - fizzy cola bottles were the best!
  • Gatorade or lemon cordial drinks - the last thing I wanted was sips of water
  • Change of clothes for S including a jumper and board shorts in case I end up in the shower or bath
  • Snacks for S (so he has no reason to leave my side)
  • Phone charger
  • Camera
  • Blanket to wrap B2 in and first outfit (just a jumpsuit & singlet)
  • Lip balm for dry lips
  • Underwear, maternity pad & clean clothes/pjs for after

In my hospital bag:

  • breastfeeding singlets
  • 2 pairs of pajamas with button down tops
  • leggings/yoga pants
  • two cardigans/ wraps
  • light cotton bathrobe
  • 10 pairs of large cotton underwear - to be tossed after each wear
  • toiletries including new body wash, a light moisturiser, thick maternity pads and dry shampoo, light makeup like BB/CC cream
  • slippers and 2 pairs of thick socks
  • Ipad for any possible downtime
  • plastic bags for dirty clothes
  • snacks including fresh fruit (pears are a good choice for many reasons)
  • Own pillow and bath towel - comforts of home plus those hospital towels are small and scratchy
  • Journal to record any memories or to make notes
  • Hair dryer - perfect on a cool setting to dry stitches after a shower
  • Breast pads - I didn't use them last time but milk may come in quicker so better to be prepared
  • Thongs for the shower
  • Something comfortable to wear home

My must have non-negotiables:
  • Kleenex flushable wipes
  • Ural - stops the stinging when you pee
  • Signature The Cinch wrap - this was a gift from my SIL last time around and it was a godsend for supporting my lower back, especially while breast feeding as I had no core strength from pregnancy and it also helped my muscles figure out where to go back too and flatten my stomach and closing the separation gap fast.
  • Roll on deo
  • iPad/iPhone charger
  • A pic of E for my bedside
  • A pack for E with books, crayons etc to entertain him during visits
  • Mothercare pure lanolin nipple balm

And for baby:
  • newborn nappies - we will stick with Huggies for the early days
  • Huggies wipes - sticking to the same Pure ones we use for E's super sensitive bot
  • 6 x 0000 singlets 
  • 4 x 0000 & 2 x 00000 rompers - E was in 00000 in hospital so good to have them on hand plus he wet through twice during our stay so extra suits on hand were very important
  • 1 x bunny rug/receiving blanket, 2 x wraps/swaddles
  • Socks x 2 pair
  • Mittens x 2 pair if romper suits don't have fold over cuffs 
  • Going home outfit - E never fit his to wear home and just ended up in a regular romper but we did put on the cardigan my gran knitted anyway so B2 will wear either the pink or the blue cardi my nan knitted that my mum gifted to my sis and I to share
  • A burping cloth/terry towelling nappy can be handy or muslin wraps work just as well

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