I confess...


A continuation in my series to prove bloggers, instagrammers, facebook users, tweeters ... have less than perfect lives. Here goes with my ongoing confessions to a not so perfect life:

I wore thongs to work today... I put them on to walk into the garage to get something and good old baby brain led me to pulling up at work, looking down and realising I hadn't swapped footwear before leaving home. Thankfully my boss is out today and we don't have any appointments scheduled.

I am dreading toilet training... like really dreading it. Sleep issues were a breeze compared to this and I wish it was something you could pay someone to come to your home and do for you. (Don't tell my mum I said this).

I rarely get petrol with E in the car but when I have had to, I leave him in the car sometimes when I pay for it. We go to the same local station around the corner every time, the register is close by, I always make sure there isn't a queue and am in and out in around 2 minutes while the car is locked.

Mean mummy I am, I told E this week after a trip to the doctors that the lollipop he was given was a toy so he played with it then tossed it once he lost interest ... hey, thanks a lot Doc considering I'm the one that will get to deal with the sugar crash once the high wears off not to mention future dental bills.

I let E watch ABC Kids some nights while eating dinner. If he's eating later than his usual 5:30pm, he tends to be tired, grumpy and disagreeable so I find some Buzzy Bee or whatever is on at the time usually deflects any battles and helps us all survive dinner time with our sanity (and tempers) intact.

E eats some prepackaged snacks. While I try to serve him mostly whole foods and homemade snacks, some times I just can't argue with the convenience of a Heinz Little Bellies muesli/fruit bar or the fun of some Heinz Shredz... what's life if not to be enjoyed right?

Given a choice of sushi handrolll and hot chips, E will go the hot chips every single time - could be because he gets the opportunity to have them maybe once a month as I'm not big on chips. And hey, I can't argue with his choice, I hate sushi myself.

I need to clean the top shelf of my fridge ... I suspect there are condiments sitting on it that expired at least 12 months ago and just keep getting pushed further to the back.

I drink too much soft drink lately. At least a can a day, sometimes two. Shocking isn't it? I shudder to think how much sugar that equates too. My only defence is that I needed something to enjoy if I can't have a glass of wine or cider.

But you know what? 
I'm a really great mumma to E and a really great wife to S.
I'm not perfect but they don't need perfect, 
they just need me, imperfections and all.

What are your confessions to a less than perfect life ...

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  1. I think I'd go for hot chips over sushi, and I love sushi LOL I've managed to find a local service station (as in, old fashioned one) where the guy comes out and fills my car then swipes my card, meaning I don't have to get out - they should market these as a chain for mums! x


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