Christmas shopping: The Parents


Does anyone else have a heck of a time trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for their parents and inlaws? It's never so much about the money for us (although I always have a budget), it's more about finding the perfect gift that tells them just how much we love and appreciate them both now and always.

I usually keep a running list of  gift ideas for everyone eg. My go to for mum is theatre tickets and Swarovski ornaments but sometimes there is nothing showing and none of the crystal appeals. This year has been one of those years. Scott and I haven't had a single idea for our parents ... Until tonight! It all came to me while watching Scott cook dinner funnily enough.

I heard on the radio today (between wiggles CDs) that Dragon were on tour and scheduled to play the Gold COast in 2014 ... You know, the 1980's band that sung 'Young Years' ... Which is also one of my dad and my all time favourite songs. Dad and I share a big love of music, especially all things 80s and have been to many a concert together including The Eagles and Richard Marx to give you an idea so Dragon tickets are completely perfect.

Consultation with my sister led us to deciding to organise a family sitting over our family holiday with a photographer mum loves for her gift. The photographer did my sister's wedding and niece's first pictures so we know his work well. She's been desperate for an entire family portrait, especially since the babies came along so she will love this. Pity the pictures will be out of date come May when B2 arrives but we can always just repeat next year.

The in-laws were proving impossible this year. Never easy to buy for at the best of times, they don't like clutter, have just returned from an OS holiday and have absolutely everything they need. We were tossing up books, box sets and not much else when my brainwave struck! I was thinking of an experience for them when I put two and two together and came up with a full day wine tour with lunch at our very own local wine country, Mount Tamborine. I did some research and found a great one that does pickup, drop off, 2 course lunch and 4 wineries. I can't believe I've never thought of this before as it's right up the ILs alley given they love wine, food, Mount Tamborine... It's perfect.

We are breathing a big sigh of relief tonight knowing that we really have completed all of our Christmas shopping.

How's your shopping going?

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  1. Argh! I hear you on parent buying. Dad is the hardest EVER.
    Mums hair dryer blew up so she got an early present (a new Parlux!) and will get photos of her grand daughters on Christmas.
    But dad! Totally stumped.
    And I'm even stumped for my sister and bro inlaw this year!

    1. Dad's are definitely the very hardest! There are a few good biographies out depending on what sports he follows (Lee Matthews AFL, Sir Alex Ferguson Soccer, Craig Bellamy NRL, Steve Waugh Cricket) that might get you started. x


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