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Only recently, Scott and I, at the urging of my mother in law, have once again recognised our need for regular date nights. We always talked about them and we know they are important but when you're working full time and a parent, most nights you want to have quality time with baby, eat dinner and go to bed. The last thing you can feel like doing is getting dressed and heading out! We also value every moment with E as we are away from him for work and so prefer to do things that we can include him in.

With baby 2 joining us a little sooner than expected, mother in law has insisted we concentrate on some quality couple time and make the most of it while we can. We are very lucky in that both sets of parents are more than happy to watch E for us and have him stay over but we are always conscious of how often we call upon them and not abuse it. E has had 3 sleepovers now with MIL and is according to all reports, an absolute delight. I figure she must be telling the truth or she wouldn't be so keen to have him as regularly as she requests.

Only last weekend before Scott's parents went away, they insisted on having E and us having a date night. I have to admit, I was a little bit excited when Scott suggested we take advantage and go to the newly opened Hurricane's in the Soul building at Surfers Paradise for dinner. We have both eaten at and enjoyed Hurricane's in Sydney at Bondi and Darling Harbour so were eager to see how that translated to the Gold Coast.

It was a disastrous start to the afternoon with me breaking down on the way home after dropping E off thanks to a faulty petrol gauge. Luckily Scott had finished work and was able to come and rescue me with a gerry can.

I admit, it was lovely to shower and get ready without having to amuse and entertain a toddler underfoot and it was a novelty to chat in the car about this and that on the way to dinner without having to break into Dr Knickbocker.

The restaurant is beautifully located on the first floor beach side and has a similar fit out to its Sydney counterparts. The service was prompt, we were quickly shown to our table and drinks orders placed - sparkling water for me sadly. Being a Grill, the menu emphasis was steaks, BBQ and ribs so I went with the beef skewer and Scott couldn't say no to a full rack of pork ribs. Neither of us were disappointed with our choices - the food was hot, tasty and well presented with a wait long enough for us to know it was fresh but not for us to get hungry. Scott even went so far as to say they were the best ribs he had tried! Although a little pricey, it was well worth it for service and food and we have already made a booking to go with friends for Scott's birthday in December.

Unfortunately I can't vouch for the dessert menu as there is a Baskin Robbins in Surfers and nothing beats a Sunset Sherbet scoop for me!

I have to say, the restaurant was stylish, the food was great, but the best part of the night was getting to just talk and listen uninterrupted to Scott. It made me realise we really do need to commit to regular date nights as its that one on one time together that makes our relationship strong and gives us the solid foundation to get through those days and weeks where sleep is out the window, work is stressful and E is having a Wonder Week. Those days are only going to get harder (and better) with another little person in the mix so now is the time to strengthen those foundations of ours.

Its also reminded me that its so important not to lose your romantic relationship in the midst of raising children. A close family friend who went through divorce after 2 children and 20+ years of marriage once told me she was blindsided by her husband's request for divorce and her best advice is to always work on your relationship because otherwise the kids become your life and when they're all grown up and moved on, its too late, there is nothing left to work on.

And here are some pics of E hamming it up for his Granny and the camera during his sleepover -

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  1. Sounds like a perfect date, with the time and space to reconnect. I think Dave and I need one soon too. You look gorgeous too xx

    1. Thank you lovely. It was a great night and one we need to make more time for regularly. Aww thanks x


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