I confess ...


As I've posted before, bloggers, instagrammers, facebook users, tweeters ... are all accused of only sharing the perfect moments of their lives so here goes with my ongoing confessions to a not so perfect life:

Ethan watches TV ... 'watching' might be an exaggeration but he does like to have ABC Kids on in the morning for background and a little bit of In the Night Garden before bed.

I rely on baby food pouches when all else fails and E is refusing anything I put in front of him. He sucks those things down the way I enjoy(ed) a glass of wine after work.

You can often find E running around the playroom or yard 'nakey' or in just a nappy on a Saturday afternoon. Its hot, he's messy and I get sick of the washing.

My sheets have sat in the laundry all week waiting to be put through the wash. Lucky I have 5 sets... this may also be why I'm so slow to get around to washing them.

It took 2 days for the dishwasher to be unpacked this week. Lucky I have a lot of dinnerware and cutlery too.

I'm not above bribery ... if 'tanas (sultanas) get him to lay still for nappy changes then Ethan can have 'tanas to his heart's content.

I haven't flossed at all this week and have only washed my hair once.

I left my bins out after rubbish collection for 2 days ... well actually, I can blame Scott for this as its really his job to bring them in.

I look forward to silence in the car on the way to work some mornings and press ignore if anyone calls me some days. Sometimes its the only peace I get for the week.

I have feigned an 'important' task (think bathroom stop, phone call ...) to avoid changing E's dirty nappy when S is around. I don't do this often but just admitting I have done it - only when S is around and its still changed straight away.

We eat frozen veggies for dinner as much as we eat fresh ... those Heinz microwave steamer bags just make life far too easy.

I ate 2 Twix ice cream bars for dessert last night and KFC for lunch yesterday.

It took me 6 weeks to remove and repaint my toenails - I just kept painting over as 'touch-ups' during that time.

I have sat on the floor and cried while he is crying ... sometimes those tantrums all get too much and push me to my limits as well. Tears are cleansing and cathartic.

I am THAT mum that has to check on Ethan regularly while he sleeps to make sure he is still breathing. I have been known to even give him a little poke to be sure ... thankfully I think I've only woken him twice maybe.

I watched this season of Big Brother (and I was sad Tahan didn't win). I love some reality trash and since we cancelled our Foxtel (soon to be reinstated through TBox), free to air reality was my only option.

That's just a few  in the interests of 'keeping it real'.

But you know what? 
I'm a really great mumma to E and a really great wife to S.
I'm not perfect but they don't need perfect, 
they just need me, imperfections and all.

What are your confessions to a less than perfect life ...

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  1. Love it!
    I give my daughter the occasional pouch, she regularly gets frozen corn and peas as a pre-dinner snack.
    Abc for kids is on in the morning and again just before dinner.
    I wish I could lose some weight but feeding my daughter 3 meals a day and breastfeeding means all I want to do all day is eat..... I have no self-control!
    Our spare bedroom is currently a dumping ground for all the things that I can't be bothered to put away properly.
    I leave the dinner dishes and wash them in the morning (I do rinse and stack them though no dishwasher here sadly)

    1. Nice to know I'm not alone on so many of these :)
      Our spare room is my MUMs dumping ground for all her stockpiled Christmas gifts she buys during the year for the grandkids ... otherwise it would be mine.

  2. So many of these I do! If it werent for veggie pouches Hugo wouldn't be eating any. Not even mashed potato. I don't even know how he can know what a veggie is to refuse it, polar opposite of his sister who eats any veggie I give her. But the pouches have him fooled so I'm happy for him to eat one every night!

    And if it werent for abc kids I wouldn't be able to get out of the house in the mornings. The preschooler shows are good though, it's the crazy Ben 10 type ones that I don't like the look of.

    1. They can spot the one food they don't like through anything I've found ... its crazy!
      Agree re children's shows ... we will be avoiding the Ben 10 type ones as long as possible.

  3. Ohh yeah! All those and more! What about repeatedly re-washing the washing because it's been sitting there and you haven't been bothered to hang it out!
    Cereal for dinner for Abs last night because she refused everything else (with no milk because we didn't have any and she doesn't like it on cereal anyway!)

    1. Using the tumble dryer even when it's sunny because you CBF hanging it out.
      Making the bed 5 mins before E gets home so he thinks it's been made 'all day'

    2. Ha ha Sam - washing was my last month's confession (and it goes without saying, every month now) and YES, I hear you on making the bed right before S gets home. He doesn't need to know it wasn't done first thing ;) x

  4. Yesterday was the first time my floors were mopped since ms set in 8 weeks ago. And I've been relying on the roomba for the vacuuming!



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