Its show season


What a morning!

I have spent literally hours online and phoning QPAC to secure The Lion King stage show tickets for my sister & I to give to mum for her birthday - lucky my boss wanted some tickets too so was happy for me to devote my energies to the pursuit.

After literally 100 redials on my mobile and holding for over 40 minutes, I finally got through by phone - which is lucky because at last count,  I'm still 1604 in the online queue after 3 1/2 hours.

Mum has already seen the show way back when it debuted in Melbourne but she loves musicals and especially enjoyed this one. Add to that, she has a birthday in a few weeks, we love to do a special mother/daughter date a couple of times a year at least and the tickets were a no brainer.

I love a good musical myself and have seen some of the best in Brisbane, Broadway NYC, Melbourne and Sydney... I've heard The Lion King is quite a magnificent production and I'm very excited to see the show.

Adding the show date to my diary, I realised we have a jam packed show schedule from May this year and I have bought a lot of tickets already it would seem.... The Lion King is however the only grownup show I will be enjoying.

So far we have the following lined up for the rest of this year to take E (and maybe B2) along to:

  • Playschool in May - I have pics of going to Playschool shows with my mum back when I was 2 so its fun to see that come full circle and take my son. 
  • The Wiggles Apples and Bananas show in May with E's cousins L & H, my mum and brother in law. I am super excited about this show as the munchkins just love The Wiggles, know most of the songs and aren't shy about dancing and singing along.
  • Disney on Ice Treasure Trove in June - when I heard Jesse, Woody and Buzz were part of this performance, I figured we couldn't not take our boy... he loved Disney on Ice last year but was a little young to grasp the concept whereas this year I know he will go crazy for it.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba in July - E is a big fan of the show and I don't mind the positive messages they seem to focus on. I admit though, I'm a little horrified at how much tickets were but it will make for a nice day out I hope and bring E lots of joy.

I figure this year we can get away with doing a few shows in lieu of birthday presents as the last thing E (and the playroom) needs is more toys. Its also worth taking advantage of him being underage for tickets for a few of the shows as some of those prices are a little exorbitant for childrens' shows in my opinion! Its just a shame that they all seem to happen around the same time of year rather than spread across the calendar.

Are you heading to any of these shows this year?

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