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Organisation will be key now more than ever I imagine with two little people to care for in our home and lucky for me, organisation is one of my stronger traits.

I've been doing some reading (of course) and feeding/nursing times for baby continue to come up as a key topic where issues can arise. Apparently its the ideal time for the toddler to freak out/act out and get up to all kinds of mischief in a quest for attention.

A few helpful tips I've come across in this regard:

Packing a snack box at the beginning of each day for E whether we are going out or staying in so that if nursing time for baby coincides with snack time for E, I have his all ready to go avoiding potential hunger meltdowns. My Thermomix will be great in allowing me to do a cook up of healthy snacks and bites for just this purpose - fruit balls, chicken veggie nuggets, pumpkin fetta spinach muffins... I'm already making a list.

Have a book basket next to my nursing chair and rotate the books regularly adding new ones occasionally. This way E is occupied/entertained and we can all share quiet storytime while baby is nursing. This is definitely a good one for us as E loves cuddling up to me, reading and books plus we have read to him since the day we got him home so I'd like the same for B2.

Nurse baby outside weather permitting so there is plenty for E to do including the opportunity to run around and blow off some energy. I definitely plan on taking advantage of this idea and getting E on his netted trampoline or playing with his trucks.

Have some small surprises on hand like cars or stickers etc wrapped up and pull them out to reward E for good behaviour or to include him in the moment.

It will also be a matter of being organised and planning our days some what so that we can all get the most out of it and have an enjoyable time. Once B2 comes, E will have 4 days at home including 2 days with me and baby and 2 days with S home as well. He will go to daycare one day and have a day with each of his grandmothers too.

Like most toddlers, E is at his best when we get out of the house at least once and I'm lucky that my parents and his beloved Uncle J (my little brother) are across the road so that's always my back up plan when we are bordering on meltdowns. Rhyme Time at the local library and a local playgroup run by one of my mum's friends will be regular activities and weather permitting, we will spend lots of time at the local  parks and playgrounds. E will also continue his swimming lessons once a week and Little Kickers too so I don't think we need to worry about staying active and entertained.

We live centrally so have lots of options for entertainment including two big shopping centres and a few indoor children's play centres for those rainy Winter days. I will also have a girlfriend on maternity leave who lives around the corner with a boy the same age as E so I can see lots of morning teas at each other's houses in coming months.

So much more to think about with two little ones but also much more to look forward to, especially as they grow up and become playmates.

Any tips or advice anyone can share will also be enormously appreciated! 

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  1. Firstly, I have to say I love reading your blog.
    I think you will do an amazing job with two.
    Just wanted to ask you about your reading. When did you find the best time to read to E as a newborn?
    This new mumma has lots of questions!

    1. Thank you lovely!
      Congratulations again on your gorgeous boy.
      I started reading to E the first day home from hospital. Two books a day - the hungry caterpillar and on the night you were born. Even now, these are 2 books he always requests and will sit quietly through.
      Ask away, happy to share what worked for us but most importantly, trust yourself as no one knows your baby as well as you! Xx

  2. Thanks, we think he is pretty amazing!
    I've been trying to read to him while he is feeding (seems to be the only time he is awake!)
    Can't wait to hear if the sex of B2. It's really the most fantastic surprise and the best reward after labour!


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