Pregnancy update: 35 weeks


How far along? 35 
weeks ... Where the heck has time even gone? I'd hate to think how fast any subsequent pregnancy would pass if we were planning any more.

Maternity clothes? I'm proof you don't have to buy mat wear to survive pregnancy comfortably ... But I only seem to grow in the belly and I just can't get into ASOS like the rest of Australia after some poor selections/disappointing quality years ago. Living in my Coles Mix ruched dresses on the weekends (under $20 each, cost per wear must be down to a few cents) and Country Road shirred waist printed pants with a seamless tank for work.

Stretchmarks? Still keeping them at bay... Can't get cocky though, there are weeks to go.

Symptoms: I'm starting to experience the symptoms of pre-eclampsia that I had last time around including blinding headaches, left side numbness and tingling to my face, arm and hand and higher bp readings but I'm in good hands being well monitored for this. 
In other fun symptoms I swear I had some sporadic contractions on Sunday... Irregular but super strong and hard to get through. They also started while I was out at the shops with E and I really struggled with the pram and getting back to the car so I'm going to have to think twice about heading out anywhere on my own with him over the coming weeks.

Sleep: that 3am bathroom call is like clockwork but otherwise I'm sleeping very well if the toddler permits it.

Miss Anything? Just tummy sleeping ... The rest of the contraband isn't that far off being back on the menu whereas I suspect it will be a while before I can tummy sleep again. I have to say, I'm missing being able to easily reach my toes and moisturise my legs each day too... The things we take for granted.

Movement: it's definitely painful or jolting now as bub is running out of room. I still appreciate it for the miracle and reminder it is but I'm often caught gasping or grimacing as I'm caught unawares.
Best moment this week: something seems to have really clicked for E with the baby this past week because he has started running up to me begging for 'baby baby baby' and trying to lift my top. He then pats my belly, chatters in baby babble and gives it kisses or waves saying 'hiiiii'. It seriously almost has me in tears, it's just so precious and beautiful. E is such a caring and compassionate little guy and I can see that is going to translate to him being a wonderful big brother in time.

Worst moment this week: definitely shopping yesterday with E when the irregular contractions hit ... There was some minor panic on my part that my waters were going to break in public while S was at work, my parents away and my sis not answering her phone. Not to mention I'm hoping for a week or two of maternity leave before we meet B2.

Food cravings: cold nashi pears are a definite and growing craving ... So crunchy and juicy at the moment. I can take or leave everything else otherwise it seems.

Happy or Moody most of the time: at 4am with a toddler who wants to get up and play, I am definitely moody. At most other times, I'm happy... Very happy and so excited. I am so in love with my boys and can't wait to meet B2.

Looking forward to: my OB checkup later in the week to finalise our birth plan and hear/see baby moving and growing.

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