I confess...


My ongoing confessions to a not so perfect life:

I was so tempted to find out the sex of B2 at my last scan and keep it a secret ... but then I thought better of it and reminded myself that I wanted the surprise, not S so it was a pretty stupid thing to do.

E watched Toy Story 3 twice, back to back on Sunday morning. In my defence, it was 4am and he was screaming the house down and this was the only thing that quietened him down so I could close my eyes on the lounge and pray the neighbours weren't hearing the screeching.

I finally cleaned out my makeup supplies ... I had lip glosses and mascaras in there that were over 10 years old! Not sure what I thought I was saving them for and it's pretty gross to think of applying 10 year old lipgloss now.

I hate play-doh! The smell, the texture, the way it gets under my nails ... so E hasn't got to play with it much at home. I'm going to rectify this though, overcome my aversions and whip it out this weekend for him.

I don't put S' washing away. I clean it, sort it and fold it, is it too much to ask he puts it on hangers and in drawers?

I am terrified B2 may have reflux like E did. Its been a long hard journey in this regard with E and I just don't know if it will break me having to go through those early days again and this time with a demanding toddler in the picture.

I adore the English Royal family and am hooked on anything Duchess Catherine related from her looks, likes, fashion etc. There is just something so likeable about them since Kate joined the family and the Queen, well she is just fabulous in every way.

It's been forever since I've been out to do anything on my own like a movie or dinner... I get out and about plenty but always with E so I'm only ever half listening or get to eat half a meal before his patience is out the window. .

Some nights we don't eat dinner till 8:30/9pm ... By the time we get E down for the count and debrief on our day, it's already 8pm sometimes.

I love to bake and cook but I have a tendency to read only the ingredients & start of a recipe before getting underway then halfway through, discovering it needs to sit overnight or be refrigerated for hours. Case in point this morning making crumpets. I skipped the part about the mixture needing to sit for an hour till I got to it and as a result, S & my brekky was slightly delayed.

We've had a tough couple of days here with the most demanding screeching tantrum-ing toddler I could imagine and lots of nap/sleep refusal thrown in for good measure. It kind of feels like the past days may have been amongst the hardest we've ever had or maybe I've just struggled to cope more. Tears have helped a little and I admit I'm a bit excited to have a couple of hours out by myself tomorrow while S takes over.

But you know what? 
I'm a really great mumma to E and a really great wife to S.
I'm not perfect but they don't need perfect, 
they just need me, imperfections and all.

What are your confessions to a less than perfect life ...

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  1. Enjoy your time out tomorrow, a little space and peace and quiet does wonders to recharge the batteries.


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