Pregnancy update: 34 weeks


How far along? 34 
weeks ... OMG I'm having a baby in a month give or take!

Maternity clothes? Still avoiding and the way this heat has been, my JW mat jeans are not going to be needed at all - thankfully!

Stretchmarks? Not so far touch wood.

Symptoms: the heartburn! Omg it's killing me at the moment like you can't even imagine. Regular headaches seem to be starting also but the rest is just part and parcel of late pregnancy now. 

Sleep: averaging a 3am wake up every night plus struggling to get comfortable. No insomnia though so I'm really not doing too badly.

Miss Anything? Yes! Sleeping on my tummy! Badly! It's probably the only thing I really hate about being pregnant as I've always been a solid tummy sleeper and don't budge from eyes closing to eyes opening.

Movement: Its constant although I don't always notice it so much during the day especially of E is keeping me on my toes and then cue minor panic until I take a quiet moment to concentrate and feel them. Otherwise bub is mostly confined now and so instead of nice flutters, they are hard jabs ... to my ribs, hips etc. Fun times ;)

Best moment this week: organising a newborn photographer to take photographs of B2 and also of E and B2 - I'm ridiculously excited imagining these pics of my two children together.

Worst moment this week: I wouldn't say it was a nightmare but I threw myself in the deep end offering to have my two nieces and E for a couple of hours one afternoon. I ended up with 3 sooky toddlers who all wanted to sit in my lap, a little guy who didn't want to share his mummy at all. It was exhausting and stressful!

Food cravings: mint choc biscuits, Cadbury Turkish Delight mini easter eggs and nashi pears straight from the fridge ... E is a fan too so thankfully they are in season now and not the price of a small car. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: oh there have been tears ... just for how much is about to change, little things are getting to me and my patience is stretched thanks to the constant discomfort and feelings of tiredness. Otherwise, I'm happy, really really happy!

Looking forward to: hosting my family for dinner this week to celebrate my parents' birthdays ... we got them some great gifts and I love a good present reveal.

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  1. 34 weeks Renee?! Wow-ee, nearly time to meet B2! How terribly exciting xxx


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